Horse with no name (shadowplay86) wrote in theicarusline,
Horse with no name

Friday at the troubadour.

I got this setlist after the show. I also got one of the captains drumsticks. Almost got my ass kicked by the security dude. If you were there you might've seen me.
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The Captain's Drumstick
Before they played, I talked to Don Devore. He was selling merch. He was pretty nice. I saw members all over the place. I think the show was filled with their family members. I also saw Har Mar Superstar. Not that I care.

Golden Rush
Better Tastin Teeth
watch your step
On the Lash
Cut back the Herd
Victory Garden
Fshn Fvr
Frankfurt Smile
Spit on it

They were fucking awesome. Cept i couldn't hear a thing joe was singing. Fuck.

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This pic below isn't from the troubador, its from when I saw joe and his brah after the show at the echo. However I couldn't get in, because the line was fucking hectic.
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